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The Stipa-Caproni was an experimental Italian aircraft that featured a hollow, barrel-shaped fuselage. It was designed by Luigi Stipa and built by the Plane Photos, Stipa, Experimental Aircraft, Aircraft Design, Jet Plane, Dalian, Dieselpunk, Cummins, Military Aircraft

The Caproni-Stipa Ducted Fan. - Civilian Military Intelligence Group

It looked kind of cool actually, like a barrel and when you consider that Italians built it in 1932, it’s really really cool. The … The Caproni-Stipa Ducted Fan. Read More »

The Hell Hound by ttvortex Aircraft - Aircraft art - Aircraft design - vintage Aircraft - Source Air Drones, 3d Model Character, Air Ride, Military Jets, Aircraft Design, Model Airplanes, Vintage Design, Dieselpunk, Steampunk

The Hell Hound

Hi, I was working on a ducted fan R/C model airplane and suddenly I decided to design an aircraft around a ducted fan which is powered by a radial engin... The Hell Hound

Facet Opal: designed by Scott Winton, Bomber Seats, Kit Planes, Light Sport Aircraft, Amphibious Aircraft, Flying Wing, Flying Vehicles, Ground Effects, Airplane Flying, Experimental Aircraft

Interesting Aircraft

I thought it would be fun to have a thread with various interesting aircraft designs (one smallish photo and short description with designer name if...

Kiwis, canucks and Our Kittyhawk > Vintage Wings of Canada – ai… - aircraft design Air Machine, Air Force Aircraft, Passenger Aircraft, Airplane Design, Private Plane, Experimental Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft, Civil Aviation, Aircraft Design

Kiwis, canucks and Our Kittyhawk > Vintage Wings of Canada

As I stepped off the B-767 in Auckland, I was aware of two feelings: a deep fatigue generated by 3 days travel from Canada, and a mounting excitement rising from the understanding that I was very close to the Curtiss P-40N-1 that I would be flying in 2008. What to do? My wife and I could go straight…

P 37 Airplane Helicopter Plane, Experimental Aircraft, Air Space, Military Humor, Commercial Aircraft, Civil Aviation, Aircraft Design, Nose Art, Luftwaffe

P 37 Airplane | Rutan Model 27 VariViggen (1972) Manufacturer was Rutan Aircraft Factory

French experimental aircraft design using a huge ducted fan. Delta Wing, Flying Wing, Air Force Aircraft, Experimental Aircraft, Wings Design, Aircraft Design, Space Crafts, Military Aircraft, Military Jets

SNECMA C.450 Coléoptère (1959) was a VTOL aircraft developed by the French company SNECMA in the 1950s. It was a single-person aircraft with an annular wing designed to take-off and land vertically, therefore requiring no runway and very little space. The sole prototype was destroyed on its ninth flight.

The strange all-wing design Vought "Flying Pancake" was first flown in 1942 and piloted by Charles Lindbergh. Flying Wing, Aviation Industry, Aviation Art, Airplane Design, Air Festival, Experimental Aircraft, Air And Space Museum, Aircraft Design, Military Aircraft

10 Most Bizarre Flying Machines in Aviation History

The invention of elaborately constructed flying machines to travel through the Earth's atmosphere ranks among mankind's greatest innovations. The field of aviation is defined by challenging the limits and coming up with bold new ideas, but these aircraft simply defy all concepts of normalcy. 10. Convair V2 Sea Dart To supplement standard aircraft, a variety of interesting combination machines are available to pilots. However, a jet fighter designed to land right in the ocean adds an entirely…

First plane built using common core math. Airbus Beluga, Avion Cargo, Pilot Humor, Photo Avion, Aviation Humor, Aviation Insurance, Aviation Quotes, First Plane, Funny Memes

My personal favorite face swap.

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