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a hand holding an open book with pink and blue watercolors on it's cover
Abstract Acrylic Ink Artwork
Some colour drops in my art journal using acrylic inks
a person holding up a piece of art with pink and purple paint on it in front of a white wall
Prophetic Abstract Painting
Inspired by the names of God art challenge, this one represents Jehovah Shammah - the Lord is there
an art project with acrylic paint, glue and paper on a wooden table
Abstract Painting in my art journal
Exploring prophetic creativity with some new paints
an open book with paint and supplies on the table
Abstract colour exploration
Exploring some colour studies in my sketchbook
a hand is holding up an open book with watercolors on it and purple flowers
Messing around with some leftover laint from my palette.
a drawing of a dog laying on the ground next to some paint and a cup of coffee
Boston Terrier Ink Sketch
Pen sketch of a boston terrier using acrylic inks
an open notebook with paint splattered on it next to some markers and paints
Playing with acrylic inks