Leila Zamora Moreno

Leila Zamora Moreno

Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Leila Zamora Moreno
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Our Farm, Our Creation

After the TLB (tractor-loader-backhoe) was done digging Charlie’s grave, it spent most of the day evening out and digging the dam deeper. When we get one of these machines out for grave digging occ…

Different People, Different Expressions

Here, Maite built a structure for Cesar to play with his animals. It’s interesting to see the different ideas people implement with the same building materials. Our previous structure had ste…

Breaking through Walls of Perception

I’ve been walking by a tub of wood cut offs from various projects in the shed for a while now.

Constructive Hitting

When he has got a lot of energy, he can get into hitting things to get the excess energy out.

To Teach or Not to Teach

When it comes down to learning and education, there are a lot of different views on what is appropriate and what is not. Children are being taught too many things too early, Children need more play…

Fire Season

Cesar decided to hitchhike along in the Bakkie while many were busy doing firebreaks in what we dub “the big field”. Every year during winter time which is our dry, and so also our fire…

From Jealous to Zealous | Parenting & Emotional Turmoil

Within wondering whether I am doing ‘the right thing’ and ‘providing the best’ for my son, I can easily find myself wondering off in my mind comparing myself, my life with that of others.

A Moment of Connection

When we were done with the seed rolls, Cesar excitedly ran to give them to Francois, who was just as excited to receive them – and placed them on the birdfeeder. It was such a cute moment …

Considering the Birds

Making seedrolls for the birds using toilet rolls, peanut butter and wild bird seed. These will go to the birdfeeder in front of the mainhouse. Earlier he picked berries from our bush and went to p…

Animated Story Book

When we watch a movie, we treat it like an animated story book.

Together yet Alone

This is me at the movies for the first time in about three years, Gian’s treat.

Parenting through Thick and Thin

Toddler and motherhood is not always sunshine and butterflies (although yes, the sun still shines when all hell breaks loose, as in this case on the trampoline).

Learning Happens Everywhere

Cesar totally loves the tractor. He has a few tractor toys of his own he likes to play with – but nothing beats the real deal. Whenever we go about walking around on the farm, he keeps…

A Bathroom Story on Independence

This is my view from the toilet. Something’s been different lately, as Cesar is not often part of my bathroom view when it’s my potty time. From when he was teeny tiny, I’d bring him with me whenev…

Journey to a New Life: Day 94: Am I doing the Right Thing?

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Spray Paint, Graphite, Charcoal, Correction Fluid and Paint Marker on Canvas.

Connecting with your Natural Drive

Sometimes Cesar will do as we do when working together outside, other times he does what we’d also like to do – like being pushed around in a wheelbarrow. Whenever we can, we attend our…