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• Broken crayons still color •

You may be a Ethan girl, But I'm Ethan's girl😏😉❤️

Wen even tho u think they don't look like twins anymore for a matter of fact THEY LOOK THE SAME

Gray on the left Eth on the right.booooyyyss got me walkin side to side.<<<< who did this, i'd like to have a talk.

Dolan Twins

I've come to conclusion that since the Dolan twins dad has cancer what if it runs through family blood and Grayson and Ethan get it!

Today is my birthday I hope to celebrate it with this guy-Shelby It's not really my bday till 5-22! Please leave a comment then!!:)

This is a story about Jace Norman, who plays Henry on the new show, "Henry Danger" This story is literally something I have made up in my head over the past w.