Hitting the beach in Barra, Outer Hebrides Islands, Scotland. Picture: Willie Murdoch

The Big Picture photography competition: round 220

hitting the beach in barra, outer hebrides islands, scotland pic willie murdoch

Xhosa cattle on an Eastern Cape beach. BelAfrique - your personal travel planner - www.BelAfrique.com

Daniel Naude Xhosa cattle on the shore. Mgazi, Eastern Cape, 19 May 2010

Transkei, South Africa by Christopher Rimmer

Cows hit the beach for sun, fun and surf in award winning photographer Christopher Rimmer’s latest exhibition, named Amapondo.

Transkei - South Africa. ALways so funny when you go to the Transkei to see cattle just chilllin on the beach.

Beloved Continent --- Transkei - South Africa, cattle just chilllin on the beach.

Pondo cattle visit the beach every day and reports from shipwrecked sailors stranded on the coast from the 16th Century onwards suggests they have been doing so for a long time, but no one is quite sure why. Whatever the explanation for this curious behaviour, photographer Christopher Rimmer’s large scale and graphically striking portraits appear surreal, perhaps because we have been visually conditioned to anticipate cattle with pasture as a backdrop by centuries of artistic tradition.


Photographer Christopher Rimmer spent a year studying the strange habits of cattle on South Africa’s wild coast. His exhibition Amapondo opens in New York in April

The beach-loving bulls of Pondoland – in pictures

The beach-loving bulls of Pondoland – in pictures

nevver: “Locals only, Christopher Rimmer ” ” Portraits of South African cows on their daily pilgrimage to the beach.