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Today was Mother’s Day in South Africa. Some of my happiest moments were the times spent with my mother in the early morning, sitting and talking about the day ahead while sipping strong coffee and nibbling on bran and buttermilk rusks. It’s not always easy living more than 8 000 kilometres away fro

Karringmelkbeskuit - groot verskeidenheid resepte vir Karringmelkbeskuit:  LEKKER RESEPTE VIR DIE JONGERGESLAG


Stien Rust Karringmelkbeskuit (Ma Joyce) 3 pakke SR meel (1,5 kg) 1½ koppie suiker 3 eiers 500 gr smeer 1 teelepel koeksoda 1 teelepel cream of tarter ± 2 koppies karringmelk sout na smaak Vryf smeer in meel en cream of tarter. Meng suiker, eiers, sout en 1 koppie karringmelk. Maak meel aan met mengsel. Smelt soda in ander koppie karringmelk en voeg by. Knie goed. Bak ¾ uur in matige oond by 400°F/200°C (5-6 gas). Laat afkoel en droog uit. (Ek bak myne op 180°C, want die 200 is vir my te…

ANYSBESKUIT (Aniseseed rusks) This is probably the most traditional/original South African rusk. Beskuit (rusks) is dipped in coffee, and eaten first thing in the moring if a late breakfast is to be had, or alternatively at tea time with coffee.

Resep: Anysbeskuit | Maroela Media

Resep vir anysbeskuit om saam met 'n koppie boeretroos te geniet.

Vrouekeur | Ontbytbeskuit


Hierdie resep vir beskuit is net reg vir wanneer daar nie tyd vir ontbyt is

Muesli Buttermilk Rusks

Muesli Buttermilk Rusks - by Hein van Tonder, awarded food photographer & stylist

Muesli Buttermilk Rusks - Tannie Maria's famous muesli buttermilk rusks from the book Recipes for Love and Murder by Sally Andrew

Classic rusks

Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease 3 small 18 x 9cm tins.Beat together butter, molasses, buttermilk and eggs. Combine dry ingredients

Gerry’s Homemade Rusks

When I first arrived in South Africa I was completely unprepared for the local obsession with rusks. To my mind, and to most non-South Africans, a rusk is a dry, hard baby biscuit, designed to aid …

South African Buttermilk Rusks | dramatic pancake

South African Buttermilk Rusks

A crisp and crunchy South African pick-me-up, similar to a dry granola bar or a crumbly cookie. Perfect for dunking into coffee or tea. Rusks stay good for up to two months when stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Bran and muesli buttermilk rusks with seeds

Delicious and wholesome bran & muesly rusks with seeds


Rusks recipe by Sumayah

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