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30 Day Relationship Challenge. This looks super cute! Pinning this for when date night indecision strikes

Whether its taking one of our classes or just making a decision to have a date night, Consider taking The Relationship Challenge. The the Chill out of your relationship.A great relationship not o.

El Corazón de Huna - Google Search

It must be remembered that Ho'oponopono practice is is just one aspect of Hawaiian spirituality. Below is a very useful summary of the 7 Hawaiian Principles

Ho'oponopono Prayer for Cleaning by Morrnah Simeona, the video created to help guide you through the prayer which is available to view on SurgingLife.Com is also well worth viewing.

Ho'oponopono prayer for cleaning and healing your life. Discover how ho'oponopono and this gift from Morrnah Simeona help change your life with ease.

Colors of Orbs. I see these all the time and wondered why they seem to come in different colors. Now I know.

I have photos of my son's wedding taken inside an old church in NJ. All around my dil veil are silver and grey orbs. They are not dust particles. Here is the chart which is interesting. The color and meanings of orbs.