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Check out this infographic from mHeath consultancy for a cross section of the mHealth industry, where it has been and how it can help healthcare providers and consumers alike.
What's more intriguing than an #infographic about social media and #health!? Aside from the 60% of doctors who say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients, 1 in 2 adults with a smartphone uses it to find health information!
The use of digital health technologies and social media has transformed the exchange of healthcare data, with mobile apps monitoring everything from blood sugar to medication adherence, and text-based reminders urging smokers not to give into that craving. This infographic also presents data on the role of search engines in healthcare research, how social media creates more engaged and aware patients, and how digital healthcare is affecting today's industry.
Infographic highlighting the use of digital, mobile, apps, and professional resources online by US oncologists (source: Digital Insights Group).
A rise in healthcare searches - http://geovoices.geonetric.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/HealthConsumersOnline_Infographic.jpg
Telemedicine refers to the usage of telecommunication methods to provide healthcare and medical services remotely. With healthcare delivery already under pressure, telemedicine is poised to tackle lot many challenges of the industry head on. This infographic by Kays Harbor Technologies is an attempt to highlight the benefits of telemedicine.
Infographic: The Link Between Digital Health and Self Diagnosing   mHealth infographic health
Infographic : Primary Care Use of Digital in the US. www.mpaagroup.com #HIE #HealthcareTechnology
The Digital Future of Healthcare Is Here