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yes, I am a graphic designer... But I also illustrate and take photographs.
Léan Fourie
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PixelLeaf by Dusan Sevarika

PixelLeaf by Dusan Sevarika \\ This simple design branches a path between nature and technology, implying the existence of pixels within an object of nature. The colors blend beautifully.

Pixel Pillow by Vukasin Lausev

Here is my debut shot. It's an unused proposal for online design agency. Thanks to Jovanovic for the invite!

Pxlogo by Mr.89

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Cgi Pixels by Csaba Khilenberg

Featured logos from our professional logo designers. These logos were all selected for their inspiration and will inspire other designers.

Pixel Sigma by Arkadiusz Lipiarz

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Plus Pixel by Jacob Jones

Just a fun concept for a digital plus sign.

New RS Logo by MZ

This is a new logo for my personal site which I was finally able to get up. I'm still adding content.