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Empowered By THEM: Self-Control

Self-control is a big issue with some of my students. They can go from 0 - 60 in no time. This worksheet talks about what happens to us .

An educational contract between the teacher, student and parent.  Work as a team together!

An educational contract between the teacher, student and parent. I selected this contract because it reflects the student, parent, teacher partnership needed to ensure student achievement.

Internet safety for kids is a big concern for most parents. It’s important children understand about safety on the internet and what they can and cannot do. This agreement spells out everything from personal information sharing to cyber-bullying, sexting, and posting inappropriate content to social media websites. Protecting your children is paramount and this agreement will help you make sure your kids are safe on the web.

Behavior improves when expectations are clearly outlined and consequences and rewards are understood. Print one of these contracts to clarify expectations.

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