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the cobra logo is shown on a black background with an inscription that reads strike first strike hard
karate kid cobra kai - Google Search
two different views of the same person in front of a desk with papers on it
One of my favorite moments from Dr. Who.
One of my favorite moments from Dr. Who. - Imgur
the nfl team roster is shown in red, white and blue
Made a chronological order MCU(movie) list!
Made a chronological order MCU(movie) list!
two women dressed in costumes holding swords
I just love this!
an image of the lion king and his name is hakuna tichalla what does that mean? i don't care
Amazon.com: Marvel Black Panther - 4 Stars & Up / International Shipping Eligible
Shop Most Popular USA Marvel Black Panther Global Shipping Eligible Items On Amazon By Clicking Image!
a poster with the words i blame, marvel for high standards on it
Romanian Puppy😆
My Marvel boys are so beautiful and sweet human beings. I love them so.
two tweets are shown with the same caption for each individual to describe
21 Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts To Make You Feel Better
someone posted a text message to their execsonal friend on instagrams
Please Enjoy These Super-Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts
This very important life advice- 19 Harry Potter tweets.
the game of thrones is shown in this screenshot from harry potter's twitter account
an article about the moment when harry takes drago's wand
halloween decor.
Wand tussle. This woman never ceases to amaze me. o-o
the tweet is being posted to someone on their phone, and it looks like they
I live for the dissection of books
two tweets that are on the same page, one has an image of harry potter
Tumblr Tuesday 2-7 - Strange Beaver
lmao this should not have been allowed to happen. I bet the twins might have made this joke if it wasn't a children's book series
the tweet is posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they
the words jarvis is my co - pilot are black and white on a white background
Jarvis Is My Co-Pilot 2-Color Sticker for MacBooks and Apple Devices
"Jarvis is my co-pilot" sticker
printable hogwarts letter from the harry potter movie is perfect for any child's birthday party
Free Printable Hogwarts Letter - Housewife Eclectic
There is not a Harry Potter fan alive that wouldn't love to see a Hogwarts Letter with their name on it delivered by owl. This fun print...
a poster with the quote books and cleverness are more important things than friendship and brave
YA Calendar 2016
Quote from #HarryPotterAndTheSorcerersStone by J.K. Rowling
an open book with the title what would hemote do?
Precisely. Más
an eagle with a crown on it's head and the words, so count your money and ill cannot my friends well see who rider in the end
Harry Potter House Quotes
Harry Potter House Quotes
the hogwart crest has been drawn on to it
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the ultimate fandom coat of arms.... it's so beautiful!!! <3 [Harry Potter/Hogwarts shield; top left is the mockingjay from The Hunger Games; top right is the devil's trap from Supernatural; bottom left is the TARDIS from Doctor Who; bottom right is the wallpaper and address for BBC's Sherlock; text scroll at bottom from Lord of the Rings.]
an advertisement for books that will blow your mind
25 Best Mind-Bending Books That Will Blow Your Mind | LEVO
Get ready to hit up the library, because this #booklist will change everything. #LevoReads
the four houses and hogwarts crest quilt is on display in this screen shot
Hogwarts themed baby quilt
Hogwarts themed baby quilt - Griffindor (Scarlet and Gold), Slytherin (Emerald and Silver), Hufflepuff (Yellow and Black), Ravenclaw (Blue and Bronze)
an image of the same person with different expressions on their face and neck, as well as text
a group of women in blue dresses standing next to each other with the caption chummy and friends
Chummy Call The Midwife Quotes
a black and white pillow with the words tickety - boo written in different languages
Call the Midwife - Tickety-boo Throw Pillow by Scurpix Art
Call the Midwife - Tickety-boo pillow - Chummy is the best! I need this to comfort me when I have a baby
a woman wearing glasses and a red sweater with the caption don't worry old thing
I love, love, love Chummy from Call the Midwife!
a woman standing in front of a door talking to another woman who is wearing a nun costume
Call The Midwife... sometimes in life, cake solves the problem
an animal with a scarf around it's neck is depicted in this painting,
I am to see to it that I do not lose you.
timelord-weasley: “ lady-sab13: “ http://i.instagram.com/sushiartstudio/ ” well these are incredible ”
a watercolor painting with the word happiness surrounded by leaves and flowers on a yellow background
wouldn't it be lovely
a white circle with the words sulplepule written in black and yellow on it
Melanie Hopper
two men and a woman posing for a photo
The Defenders: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil | Marvel | Netflix
some people in suits and ties are talking to each other
Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow
No. Must. Stop. Laughing.
an image of some cartoon characters in the same language as each character's name
Books VS Movies
a text message that reads, what the f - k - is - wrong - with - his - daughter?
I don't agree fully with this, but it sort of makes sense. I did always wonder why Harry named his kid after Snape. Yeah sure Snape was brave and affected the outcome of the war, but he was a dick to Harry and was in love with his mother, which to me, would just be creepy as fuck.
the harry potter christmas party is here
DIY Your Way to the Most Magical Harry Potter Christmas
a woman reading a book while sitting in a chair next to a table with a cup of coffee on it
Love this. My first and favorite piece of a Wonder Woman who isn't flaunting!!
a metal sign hanging on the front door of a house that says wizard's welcome