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a woman in a red dress standing on top of a dance floor with her arms outstretched
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'd wear this every chance I got.
the back of a dress is shown on a mannequin
платье для бальных танцев, латинская программа.
a dress with blue and gold designs on it, sitting on a mannequin
Light blue standard dress with an aqua themed stoning pattern from Designs to Shine by Maria McGill. Visit for more info about competition attire.
a white and black dress with feathers on the skirt is displayed in front of a mannequin
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white and black feather ballroom dance dress
a white wedding dress with long sleeves and beading on the neckline is displayed in front of a black background
B13123 Heavens Home | Designs to Shine
a woman in a blue and gold dress standing next to a tall metal structure with an elaborate headpiece
a green dress on display in front of some sheer draping and draped shawls
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Everday Ballroom Standard Tango Watlz Dance Dress US 10 UK 12 Green Sliver Color
a purple evening gown is displayed on a mannequin headdress with beading and sequins
Women Ballroom 2012/2013
Love the beading on the back of this dress, maybe if Bead a halter dres I'll do it in this fashion
the back of a wedding dress with beading on it
Stunning white standard ballroom dress. Full white skirt with several layers of white ruffles at the hemline. Netted fabric on bodice covered in stones. Pearls and stones of different sizes around waistline of the dress. One long sleeve in netted fabric. Stoned flowers around neckline and on back of dress on shoulder blade and hip. Size adult small. Owner's measurements are 36" bust, 25" waist, 38" hips and 5'3" tall. $1300 USD or best offer.
a dress that is on display in front of a mannequin headdress
Amelie Petrillo ballroom dress