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Infographic: What Brought Down the Titanic? A remarkable variety of elements came together to sink the famed steamship Titanic.

Why and How the Titanic Sank (Infographic) - by Karl Tate, LiveScience Infographic Artist

cut section view of the Titanic

Five interesting and rather spectacular infographics showing, among other things, how the third class passengers were left to rot. (Click images to enlarge)

Steampunk Tea Pot!!!! Gotta love this one! Awesome!!

Steampunk tea served at steampunk festival, gold coast train museum in Miami FL, April 2017

BapaTom's Metalworks Portfolio

Guess I need to learn how to weld. Got the junk already. (from BapaTom's Metalworks Portfolio) Mehr

use old metal fencing as a pot rack

Repurposed iron fencing as hanging pot-holder - we've got some iron fence pieces at the store if someone wants to get creative

Scrap Metal Art Yard Garden Art Pot belly Pig by RicksMetalWorks

Make a Unique Statement by adding this Pot Belly Pig to your garden, patio, porch or yard.