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the large building has gold domes on it's sides and is surrounded by palm trees
Una nota de color
Mezquita Ubudiah, Malasia
an ornate building with blue, yellow and red domes on it's roof tops
Tuban Great Mosque - Tuban - East Java
Tuban Great Mosque - Tuban - East Java
cars are driving in front of a large white building with two tall towers on top
:::: PINTEREST.COM christiancross ::: Al-Noor Mosque in Sharjah City, UAE
an obelisk in the middle of a park with people standing around it and buildings behind it
To Feed or Not To Feed
Istanbul, Turkey – 101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part IV)
an image of a building that looks like it is in the middle of the night
Mosque in Java Indonesia
a white building with a blue fountain and palm trees in the foreground on a sunny day
Soofi Mosque in Ladysmith, South Africa
a large white building sitting next to a pool in front of a blue sky and water
Nur Astana Mosque, Kazakhstan
a large white building with two blue domes on it's sides and palm trees in the foreground
Top 20 Quotes of Piety and Steadfastness - Dawntravels Blog
masjid al bukhary in malaysia | Beautiful Mosques Gallery around the world…
an artist's rendering of a large white building with many spires and arches
Exquisite Planet
✈ Travel around the world Pakistan beautiful architecture
a large building sitting on top of a body of water under a cloudy blue sky
Malaysia - History, Top Areas to See & Our Dream Itinerary
While in Malaysia, you absolutely must pass through Malacca and visit the Malacca Straits Mosque #Malaysia
a large white building lit up at night
creativelolo Shop | Redbubble
12/26/2014 AZERBAIJAN: Heydar Mosque in Baku opened on 12/26/2014. The Caucasian Muslim Office appointed Imam Hafiz Abbasov for the Sunni sect & Akhund Rufet Garayev for the Shia sect.
a row of multicolored buildings on the beach
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England
several boats are docked in the water next to colorful buildings
Burano Island, Italy
Burano Island, Italy
the blue domes are on top of the buildings in the city, and it looks like they have been built into the hillside
Start A Fire
Nunca me cansaré de contemplar estas imágenes de la bellísima isla griega. Ni de mostrarlas (por muy vistas que estén).
an orange and blue building with stairs leading up to the water in front of it
Stunning Photos of Santorini, Greece 99TravelTips
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