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You know it's really not that hard. It's just not. | 31 Awesome Perks Of Being An English Major

The proper use of who and whom is a grammar issue that stymies many writers and speakers. While some grammar pundits have called for doing away with whom altogether, I think it's a valid word that we.


Journal Prompts - This Enchanted Pixie I really truly want to get back to writing. Especially during the cozier-at home- months. every thing but prompt 8


I like this idea for a prayer journal page . write an account of a time when God answered your prayers . write it as a news flash or a journalist's story . do it up big, it's a story worth telling!

30 Day Challenge

Journaling ideas for a possible month-long challenge - Might try this. I'm awful at journaling because I feel like I have to have someone to talk to while I'm writing and inanimate objects don't count. This might get me in the mood.

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I'd rather be an Ocean, A Mountain, a Tree, a Cloud, and basically anything that I find admirable