This is the first melted crayon art that has made me want to melt crayons. Love it!!!

Make Melted Crayon Art

Room Decor DIY: All you do is line crayons or colored wax at the top of a canvas. Then you burn the wax so it melts down the canvas leaving trails of color !

It always seems impossible until it's done. Enough said #thepodiumeffect

Truth :: It always seems impossible until it& done. Nelson Mandela quote hand lettered by Lisa Congdon

Cool!(: Click on the picture and there are examples of artwork. There is also a video explaining how to make crayon artwork. My next summer project! :)

Paint an eye onto the canvas and then glue small pieces of crayon underneath it. Melt the crayons with a hair dryer and you'll get an effect like this!it's different from the normal crayon melting stuff.

A reminder that Africa is a CONTINENT and not a country. Typography Map of Africa Map, Art Print 18x24 inch (773). via Etsy.

What a neat artistic rendering of each country in Do you have a favorite country?

Charlie Brown and Snoopy melted crayon art by OnceUponACrayon, $35.00

This would be cool with yellow Charlie and snoopy and Greta and black crayons melting maybe some tans

Afrikaans ♡

Ek sien die mooiste witste wolke en n stofpad waar die beste memories gemaak word en die mooiste berg dit is wat n boeremeisie sien wel dit is wat ek sien

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