Microwave Fudge

I was soooooo excited to discover this recipe for Microwave Fudge! I have the sweetest tooth imaginable. In fact on a scale of 1 to I’d be up there…Read the postMicrowave Fudge – A Revelation!

Apple Syrup Cake

Apple Syrup Cake

This is one of my best loved desserts because it brings back childhood memories of huge Sunday lunches with family and friends.

South African Snowballs Recipe

The South African Snowball is a cake like treat, coated in pink coconut. I am not sure of the origins of this pretty in pink treat. Much lik.

Potato Salad

Delicious recipe of my mom's! The secret ingredient makes this potato salad different from all the rest!


Mosbolletjies--Traditional South African goody :) something I'll always associates with my grandma. She perfects them.