Sissy Boy Heels

Sissy Boy Heels - perfect with a pair of pink pastel pants or that oh so fab turquoise dress from Edgars!

Free2BU Stud Detail Shorts

Stud Detail Shorts - love the colour bleed/tie-die feel!

Kelso Blue Dress

Kelso Blue Dress - someone walked past me in a shopping centre wearing this dress and I thought "oh my word, I wonder where she bought it?" Saw it in Edgars' shop window - went in and bought it straight away!

Free2BU Spring Daze

Spring Daze: A combination of this season's best trends.

Free2BU Ankle Grazer

Ankle Grazer - Polka dots are hot.

Kelso Soft Shirt

Kelso Soft Shirt SO my style!

Guess Bag

Guess Bag cause a girl can never have enough;

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