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50 Motivational and Inspirational Picture Quotes

Overthinking ruins friendships and relationships. Overthinking creates problems you never had. Don't overthink, just overflow with good vibes.Need to remember this

Get left. Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

and she walked away. not because she didn't love you, but because her love for you took her places God wasn't. Her peace of mind was too precious to lose again. She fought too hard to be herself. She went where she was enough. Get right or get left.

The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man.

I want my daughters too learn, live and breath this. I think every woman needs to learn to not need anyone and to always always be able to hold herself up alone. Nothing wrong with love of being with a man, just learn to keep your independence!

Fun Psychology facts here! Yeah, it is one of two things, I am thinking or plotting, usually one is better than the other.

Fun Psychology facts here! I ignore when you hurt me in a way I didn't think you would. People say the care for you and love you but turns out are the ones causing the pain