I want to be a fashion designer

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a collage of photos with butterflies and women's clothing
Research Images for Fashion Design (2) Surface Pattern Design Moodboard, Butterfly theme
an image of women in dresses and shoes
It's not paper! - Vogue.it
a book with an image of a woman's body, butterflies and other things on it
the instructions for how to make an origami flower on a piece of paper
Smocking — Services — NYES
there are many drawings on the wall with clothes hanging from it's wallshelves
The New York Sewing Center
the free sewing planner with instructions for beginners
FREE Sewing planner - Organize your sewing projects
the fabric swatches are laid out on top of each other
Organize Your Fabric Stash-Free Printable - Katrina Kay Creations
a person holding a clipboard with clothes on it and some paper attached to it
10 Sewing Planners to Use with MyBodyModel (free + paid options!) | MyBodyModel
the love sewing chart with instructions for how to sew and how to use it
Matching Sewing Patterns to Fabric (Love Sewing Magazine)
an info sheet showing different types of fabric
All About Fabric Care: Luxury Fabrics