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a close up of a wooden brush with spikes on it
Entre raios- Aidan Gallagher
a car dashboard with two golden pipes in the center
Mafia princess - Chapter 75: We're all liars
a pair of scissors with claws on it sitting on top of a white sheet in the shape of a bear's paw
Meu Script baby - Boa sorte pra nois💎
◆LayLax(ライラクス) オフィシャルブログ◆
◆LayLax(ライラクス) オフィシャルブログ◆
Writing, Fox, Dangerous Man, Dagger Aesthetic, This Man, Fox News, Dagger Tattoo, Tell Her, News Reporter
BABY (Massacre Book #1)
an assortment of different types of scissors and combs on a satin - covered surface
Dope, Spade, Auto
three different types of knifes are on the table next to each other with hearts and flowers cut out of them
three knives laying next to each other on a bed
four different types of knifes on a white cloth covered tablecloth, one is black and the other is silver
a knife that is laying on top of a white surface with a heart cut in the blade