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an old house with lights on in the fog
an old cobblestone street with trees lining the sides and buildings on either side
q is for quandie
an old building with ivy growing on the ground and a stained glass window above it
Archaeo - Histories on Twitter
two houses covered in green plants with windows lit up at the top and below them
Lens Perspectives
an image of a castle on the side of a mountain with text that reads el medieval monssterio de summela ver mas
Sumela Monastery. Near Macka Trabzon, Provonce ~ Turkey.
the stairs lead up to an old cathedral
Sir Walter Scott Monument
an old building with vines growing around it
Wiener Zentralfriedhof - Central Cemetery in Vienna
an old stone gazebo with moss growing on it
Bridge to Terebithia by junoknight on DeviantArt
a train traveling across a bridge over a river in the middle of trees and foliage
Japan (2)
an alleyway with stone buildings and cobblestone streets at night, lit by street lamps