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three skeletons and flamingos in the grass
a red wall mounted light on the side of a building with an ornate design around it
repurposed wall sconce with solar lights added.
Create a Fabulous Water Feature! Easy DIY
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • Old Wheelbarrow • Galvanized Watering Cans • Galvanized metal tubs • Pond pump • Tubing • Miscellaneous rocks, blocks or other items to create height
three hanging planters filled with plants on the side of a white house and one has a cat in it
Recycled Crafts Turning Clutter into Creative Homemade Garden Decorations
Yard Art Ideas From Junk | Yard Art #GardenArt
pots with faces painted on them sitting next to succulents and potted plants
a stack of cups and saucers sitting on top of a white plate
10 Inspiring D.I.Y. Jewelry Displays