Regular Beer by Kamil PiÄ…tkowski

Packaging Inspiration

Regular Beer tries to be "normal" so that it could be paired with a bold pattern. Even the thickness of the lines though shows a lot about the drink, that its meant to be hard.


A nice way to package some vinyl, by The Journal Of Popular Noise. The packaging folds out to a beautiful letter-pressed poster containing information about the Journal, the musicians, and the.

You can change the way your products are perceived through the design of the packaging. Carefully wrapped, designed and constructed packaging shows you invest the same level of attention in all areas of your business.

Pharmacie Goods on Behance via Socio Design curated by Packaging Diva PD. More great sock packaging.

Prescription Pilsner (Student Work) on Packaging of the World

Prescription Pilsner (Student Work)

Pill-Inspired Beer Packaging - 'Prescription Pilsner' by Peter Jostrand Allots Beer Like Daily Pills (GALLERY)