Social and mobile converge in healthcare

How Health Consumers Engage Online Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out How Health Consumers Engage Online now!

Finally - the convergence of technology and health & wellness.

The digital health diagnosis infographic illustrates how the medical industry and the world of personal tech are rapidly converging from MDG Advertising

Love this! Inside a Smart Wristband - Exploded view of Jawbone's UP (from

Walking, Jumping and Resting, for the Record

8 New Technologies Revolutionizing Health and Fitness - MeMD

8 New Technologies Revolutionizing Health and Fitness [Infographic]

This insane graphic explains how complex marketing technology is right now.

This Insane Graphic Shows How Complex Marketing Technology Is Right Now

LUMAscapes New Marketing Technology Chart - Business Insider. The complex world of digital marketing today.

Vitality GlowCaps remind you to take your meds.

GlowCaps // GlowCaps fit popular prescription bottles available at Walgreens and other retail pharmacies. Inside the GlowCap is a wireless chip that enables four services. Collectively, the services help people stick with their prescription regimen.

Published by Misfit Wearables

Healthcare Spending Infographic by Misfit Wearables - Where does the money go? Who spends what?

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