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spot the fuck on.. because the ones that "say" they love you, if they TRULY did..they would NEVER disrespect you...just could never happen...true love doesn't hurt, does not disrespect..thinks of others before ones self..

Love Isn’t a Reason to Tolerate Narcissistic abuse hurts we can heal loves this Pin Thanks Abuse

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I just need one person who sees me for me who really sees my heart and intentions . Who can see past my ugly and still love me NO MATTER WHAT.

I am sorry, I disappoint you a lot .. I know you say I'm what you want but sometimes I don't feel like I am

I am sorry I am a disappointment. I'm sorry I don't quite reach you're expectations. I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted.

I refuse to listen anymore. Constant disrespect isn't something I tolerate.

I hope you learn how to listen. The messages are so damn clear. You deserve better. Even if you don't believe it yet.

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Blame it on me. Do what the others did. Blame me. I don't have any feelings anyways. Blame me. Blame everything on me. Because after all, it is my fault

Why?  Why does this have to always happen?  For the first time in my life, I have found someone I can see spending my life with, that I want to spend my life life finally has a purpose and now it has to get taken away? FUCK THAT!!! Not this time...not without a fight!

Life has a tendency of fucking things up when you finally get to be happy. too fucking often!