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I die every time I see this.

Although since my crush is Leo Valdez and nico di Angelo , I guess I walk like that past my bookshelf<< XD.

No i would run away and walk home

Zayn: how does this thing work? Harry: what the hell is that? Liam: is that a car coming towards us? Niall: damn that girl is cute Louis: touch my girl one more time douche…I dare you

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr.

LOL SO TRUE POSTS -When your friends think your siblings are nice they're not hilarious jokes humor.

Sadly this has not become less true as I've grown older. Some day, perhaps this change will be a sign of my new found maturity.

Sadly this is soo true I hate being told when to clean it makes me so mad but when I decide to clean it's so much fun

Hahaha too true! Then kill the friend later! Especially if it's a random person who you said,"They're cute!" Then instantly your friend does the intro thing then leaves. Ugh, so not the drama.

Yeh we have this weirdo Latin teacher and I did this once in his lesson practically fell asleep it was so boring and the next moment u know everyone's laughing! It's not funny tho!

When I pay attention I never get called on but when I don't pay attention my teacher is like hey what about you u seem like u know the answer and I'm like waaaaaaa?

This is my life right here. I've decided I'm just telling everyone I'm going to Harvard, and they say "really?" And I reply "nah, just kidding, I'm going to Oxford"

When someone asks this baby about his future plans. This is his response.