Biltong is SA's jerky but at a whole different level.... It's freakin good.

Try Biltong (South African jerky).

Potjiekos - South Africa [It means "small pot food." As a stew prepared outdoors, made in a 3-leg cast iron pot, the potjie descended from the Dutch oven of the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century and is now throughout the homes and villages of South Africa. The pot is heated using small amounts of wood or charcoal ]

Steak & Stout Potjie - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes. I need to start using our Potjie by cooking up some good South African Stews!

Boerewors.... a.k.a., SA sausage... it's very nice...

Boerewors (farmers sausage), everyone’s favourite a must at every South African braai - South African barbecue tips and ideas

It's really good... I miss mummy!

A typical South African food known as potjiekos (small pot stew).

Cape Town, South Africa.

-Hiked this- Cape Town, South Africa.Cape Town is beautiful.This is Table Mountain, the view is exquisite. Robben Island was very emotional.I loved South Africa!

The bunny chow, a hollowed out half loaf of bread filled with curry, a typical Indian-South African dish - Delicious food in South Africa, South African food guide

A half bunny-chow filled with curry from Durban South Africa. Best eaten (drunk) after with your hands and for a added challenge no napkins.

Ahh... Capetown...

Where our Grandpa and Grandma were born in Cape Town 1851

La Residence, Franschoek SA - Armani Suite

Within the category of luxury Franschhoek hotels, La Residence is in a class of its own. Located in the beautiful Franschhoek valley at the heart of a private estate, this is a haven of luxury on every level.

La Residence, Franschoek, SA

La Residence Hotel & Villas, Franschhoek South Africa~ Where New Year's eve dinner, dancing and feasting will be taking place

boulders beach... The penguins swim right up to you... and they're all over the place...

African Penguins on Boulders Beach / Cape Town

Hookah's are kinda good... kinda,...

The best hookah experience you'll find anywhere in SA is at the City Centre.

franschoek, SA

franschoek, SA