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Kuru Cycads Encephalartos
E.dolomiticus female  Dec.2016 Rare Flowers, Exotic Flowers, Sago Palm, African Flowers, Botany, Palm Trees, Orchids, Cactus, Berries
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E.dolomiticus female Dec.2016

E.dolomiticus (Venda form)Oct 2015. Tree Fern, Tropical Gardens, Hardy Plants, Planting Succulents, Cactus Plants, Gardening Tips, South Africa, Flora, Home And Garden
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E.dolomiticus (Venda form)Oct 2015.

E .dolomiticus beautiful blue form. Planting Seeds, Planting Succulents, Planting Flowers, Tropical Gardens, Tropical Plants, Hardy Plants, Courtyards, Porches, Evergreen
Planting SeedsPlanting FlowersTropical GardensEvergreen

E .dolomiticus beautiful blue form.

E.dolomiticus 2015 Sago Palm, South Africa, Garden Ideas, Cactus, Heaven, Home And Garden, Gardening, Pretty, Plants

E.dolomiticus 2015

Best Cycads to Grow - Emphasis on Southern California - Encephalartos, Dioon, Ceratozamia, Zamia,Cycas and Stangeria Blue Plants, Small Plants, Tropical Plants, Tropical Gardens, Public Garden, Private Garden, Sago Palm, Desert Environment, Blue Nails
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Encephalartos dolomiticus. This is a "blue" Transvaal species of Encephalartos. They are quite rare and beautiful. They are a smaller cycad and good for most temperate climates.

 in great shape. Tropical Gardens, Unique Trees, Palmiers, Hardy Plants, Noblesse, Plant Species, Propagation, Planting Succulents, Houseplants
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E.dolomiticus. in great shape.

Encephalartos Dolomiticus Wolkberg Cycad Wolkbergbroodboom S A Plant Species, Palm Trees, Garden Landscaping, Exotic, Home And Garden, Herbs, Leaves, Gardening, Landscape
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E.dolomiticus Plant Species, Palms, South Africa, Home And Garden, Trees, Sculpture, Space, Architecture, Collection
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Encephalartos_dolomiticus Planting Seeds, Planting Succulents, Plant Magic, Hardy Plants, Carnivorous Plants, Nature Tree, Green Plants, Ferns, Evergreen


E.dolomiticus ( Venda form ) Oct 2015. Plant Magic, Carnivorous Plants, Plant Species, Palms, South Africa, Flora, Gardens, Sculpture, Architecture

E.dolomiticus ( Venda form ) Oct 2015.

Encephalartos Dolomiticus Cycad - very rare Rare Plants, Planting Seeds, Tropical Flowers, Ferns, Evergreen, South Africa, Cactus, Flora, Home And Garden
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Encephalartos Dolomiticus Cycad - very rare

Encephalartos Dolomiticus Wolkberg Cycad Wolkbergbroodboom S A no Pacsoa Pineapple, Plant Leaves, Palm, Fruit, South Africa, Flowers, Trees, Gardens, Plants

Encephalartos dolomiticus

E.dolomiticus male cones  Dec.2016 Dec 2016, Noblesse, Pine Cones, Botany, Botanical Gardens, Palm Trees, Gardening, Plants, Palm Plants

E.dolomiticus male cones Dec.2016

E.dolomiticus male  Dec.2016 Dec 2016, Noblesse, Pine Cones, Botany, Cactus Plants, Floral, Gardening, Beauty, Florals
Dec 2016Pine ConesFloralGardeningBeauty

E.dolomiticus male Dec.2016