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kurtlin naidoo
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2 and 3 carat comparison : wedding carat size ring comparison rings. [I'd like a ring with a carat size TOTAL. Like band and all.

old tires. WOW!

Swans made from old tires. (Other ideas on this link for using old tires) My grandpa had a tire swing cut in the same manner without the swan neck and head, it was the best swing ever!

tough people pull themselves up by the boot straps when they hit hard luck and they stay strong and they keep on fighting like they dont know how to lose. tough times dont last, tough people do.

drop everything now. kiss me the pouring rain. meet on the sidewalk. take a way the pain.

drop everything now. kiss me the pouring rain. meet on the sidewalk. Kiss me with this passion.

Dr. Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy:  1/4 cup of baking soda   lemon juice from half of a lemon. Apply with cotton ball or q-tip. Leave on for no longer than 1 minute, then brush teeth to remove. I'll be glad I pinned this next month when my braces come off.

Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Remedy Ingredients: - Baking Soda cup) - Lemon Juice lemon) Dip cotton ball into lemon juice/baking soda solution, & apply to your teeth. Let lemon/baking soda solution sit on teeth for apx. Brush teeth to remove the acid.

Why camera angles are critical...

Funny pictures about Why camera angles are critical. Oh, and cool pics about Why camera angles are critical. Also, Why camera angles are critical.

Praying hands. Art!

Hand tattoo here must not mean tattooed on hand but on any body part in a theme of hands. Why do people love hand tattoos? It may because of spiritual beliefs as most of them are related to prayer posture… Continue Reading →

Christian Tattoo Ideas for Men | Free Religious Tattoo / ¡ta-¡ta p!cs - Do It!

Cross-With-Rosary-Beads-Tattoo-Designs.jpg (one Figure out even more by visiting the image