Impressive fields of daisies in Namaqualand, South Africa

Namaqualand is famous for its impressive fields of Namaqua daisies and other wildflowers. This beautiful region of South Africa was made famous by nature photographer, Freeman Patterson.


Every year in the spring, the great Namaqualand desert flowers bloom in carpets of magnificent color stretching for miles!

Namaqualand in spring - another of Southern Africa's jewels.

*Namaqualand in Spring (September - October). After the first rains, the desert is covered in a colourful carpet of blossoms. - Another gem in the crown of South African Beauty*

I want to see the colourful fields of Namaqualand!

Definitely not what I think of when I think of deserts! This is Namaqualand in South Africa, which is a semi-desert area. but in the spring, gorgeous, vividly colorful flowers spring to life!