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the inside and outside of a cabin in the woods with stairs leading up to it
Tour this amazing "off the grid" New York cabin in the woods
Kleine Luxus Häuser Mitten im Wald. More
a modern home sits in the middle of a lush green field at night with its lights on
7 Affordable Green Starter Homes
The Origin comes in three compact sizes and multiple floor plans that can include one or two bedrooms. It can even be combined with other Blu Homes models for some custom versatility. Eco-features in all models include bamboo floors, stainless steel EnergyStar appliances, metal roof with 50-year life span equipped for solar hot water and photovoltaic energy generation, low- or no-VOC interior paint, low-flow fixtures, passive heating and cooling. Waltham MA
a small wooden house in the middle of a field with trees and grass around it
Ruby Springs PREFAB / Medicine Hat Inc.
a red house with solar panels on it's roof in the middle of a field
Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home
Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid, author Sheri Koones gives a whole new definition to pre-fab home. Fascinating and inspiring.
a white house with a metal roof in the middle of a field
Energy-efficient pre-fab Passive House Designs by GO Logic, Belfast, Maine
1500 sf gologic prefab leed homes
a house with a pool in the middle of it
Dolce and Gabbana: ‘Our dream is to inspire’
Is a kit house for you? Thinking outside the box - Architecture - via FT How To Spend It
a couch sitting on top of a lush green field
Nick Offerman & Craig Robinson Continue Chi-Town Showdown In New Era Ad
5 | These Gorgeous Sustainable Pre-Fab Houses Fit In A Shipping Container | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
a modern house in the woods at dusk
Top Kit Home Companies
Method Homes is a custom manufacturer of precision–engineered, prefabricated, modern structures. Master craftsmen create their modular homes, commercial structures, accessory dwelling units, and garages. This 4,672-square-foot "Sage Modern" model in Truckee, California features rift-sawn white oak cabinets and doors, extensive built-ins, and hydronic radiant heat.
a small wooden house sitting in the middle of a field with stairs leading up to it
How Prefab Houses Work
This is it house......50 acres, a stream, a few more trees.......sigh!!!!
two small wooden buildings sitting on top of a lush green field
The New Ranch Home
Montana Modern Pre-Fab.
this is an image of a modern house in the country side view from the backyard
Pre-Fab Steel Buildings- They’ve Got the Look!
"Pre-fab" steel buildings can be made to look any way you want them to look!
two houses in the woods with stairs leading up to them and trees around them on either side
25 Gorgeous Prefab Houses And The Cheapest Land In Every State To Put Them On
Method Homes and Balance Associates Architects offer an expanded Balance M Series. The M series has multiple interior and exterior finish options and is fully adaptable for various sites, locations and owner needs. The pricing listed is for the modular portion of the home including everything except soft costs, site work, foundation, appliances and delivery/installation. In addition to our predesigned models Balance is available to create custom prefab designs.
the house is surrounded by trees and has a walkway that leads to the front door
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an artist's rendering of a house in the middle of a grassy area with trees and bushes
Image result for prefab mid century homes