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an abstract wooden structure with stairs and railings in the center, against a black background
Winners of the 4th Edition IS ARCH Awards
the diagram shows how to hang curtains in an open air space, with measurements for each section
escenografia RRR
Propuesta escenografía R-R-R reducir-reciclar-reutilizar -Requerimiento: -escenografía ligera portátil . (furgoneta) con monta...
an aerial view of a large building with solar panels on the roof and around it
David Preiss: Vertical Green
urban ... #UrbanFarms #Farming #VerticalFarming #UrbanFarming #Garden #Farm #Agriculture
an architectural drawing of a building with multiple sections and angles to the top, bottom and side
# REFERENCE /// Claude Parent’s Oblique Function
claude parent
a black and white photo of a tall building
Ibex Building, London
Ibex Building, London -Designed by Fuller and Foulsham and opened in 1937
an architectural drawing of a building with stairs going up and down it's sides
architectural-review: Drawing by Léon Krier