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the cover of an article about diy ideas with dogs, including books and crafts
34 DIY Ideas With Dogs | Crafts for the Dog Lover
DIY Ideas With Dogs - Cute and Easy DIY Projects for Dog Lovers - Wall and Home Decor Projects, Things To Make and Sell on Etsy - Quick Gifts to Make for Friends Who Have Puppies and Doggies - Homemade No Sew Projects- Fun Jewelry, Cool Clothes and Accessories
an instruction for how to walk a dog
Doggie drawing – on positive reinforcement
a man standing in front of a chicken coop holding a bag of food and looking at the ground
2.5M views · 40K reactions | . 1- deep litter method We spend little time weekly for coop cleaning. We put down Small shavings, diatomaceous earth, and barn lime sprinkled weekly. The end product is rich compost that we can then use for the garden and as a bonus, this method doesn’t smell!! 2- large dust bath Combination of sand, top soil, wood ash from our wood burning stove and fire pit, and diatomaceous earth. Chickens naturally will find dirt and dust to fluff around and kick up around their feathers and body to control parasites and it keeps feathers from being too oily. 3. auto feeder We wanted a super low maintenance chicken coop and run so feeding the chickens every morning got old really quick. That’s when we built our own pvc gravity/auto feeder that only needs to be refilled once a week! We use an organic feed and we mix in organic red pepper flakes, oregano, garlic powder, and basil. Each of these have AMAZING health benefits to chickens. 4- gravity watering system Same low maintenance goals we were going for. We hooked up a rain catcher barrel with pvc lines coming out into small cup feeders for the chickens to have access to constant water. It’s all a self contained gravity fed system so we only need to fill up the water once a week! We also like to add ACV and garlic every so often to help boost the overall health of the chickens. Add about a Tbs per gallon of water. . #raisingchickens #chickencoop #homesteading #homestead #farmlife #livingofftheland #countrylife #countryliving . . | Farm Life | Farm Life · Original audio
there are two buckets on the ground next to each other and one has a sign that says, are you tired of this chicken water?
81K views · 7.5K reactions | I was so tired of dirty 💩 water or refilling the chicken waterer EVERY day!! So I went on the hunt on my local FB marketplace for a large barrel or container that was food grade safe and strong enough! Found a guy selling a bunch of different ones! I decided on a 55 gallon olive container with a wide lid that twisted off and had handle spots on the side to carry. Bought it for $30. Then went on Amazon and purchased a pack of 15 waterer nipples for $14. I got a pack a little more expensive so I didn’t have leaking issues. They have been GREAT! No leaks and chickens use them so easily! Throw some @first_saturday_lime in and it’s good to go! 👌 If you want the Amazon link to the chicken waterer nipples! Let me know in the comments by saying CHICKENS and I will send it to you! If you want to try First Saturday Lime out! Use code SilverLakeBisonFarm for $2 off! | Megan Freshwater | jujhavens · Original audio
a small dog is coming out of the door
Dog room in garage || Dog room designs ideas
Dog room designs idea dog room decor ideas Dog room in garage decorate your dog room
the easy momma's easy two ingredient dog biscuits are made from scratchsticks
Easy 2 Ingredient Dog Treats: Make Your Own Healthy Dog Biscuits!