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The Green River Killer, America's Most Prolific Serial Killer

Some of the worst serial killers in history are accounted for here on the list of America's most famous serial killers.

The Banality of Evil: Anneliese Kohlmann (1921-1977) was a German SS concentration camp guard noted for her cruelty during World War II, notably at Neuengamme near Hamburg and at Bergen-Belsen. She was tried for war crimes at the so-called Belsen Trial in Lüneburg in 1945, and served a two-year sentence. Here she is seen as a prisoner at the recently-liberated Bergen-Belsen camp in a photograph by George Rodger (May 1945).

Annalese Kohlmann, former Nazi female guard noted for her cruelty, now a prisoner in the recently liberated Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Location: Germany Date taken: May 1945 Photographer: George Rodger

This is one of the most widely circulated photos of Nazi war crimes. A German…

War crimes,WWII : A German army officer delivers finishing shots to executed hostages in Pancevo, Yugoslavia. Contrary to postwar claims, the regular German army was as deeply involved in the death of civilians as the SS and other murderer formations.