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Salary Negotiation Tips (How to Get a Better Offer)

Have you been offered a new job? Here's how to research and negotiate a salary and compensation package, so, you're paid what you're worth.

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Customer experience is becoming critical and needs revamped

The 5 Spices You Need for Homemade Chai (Well, OK. Maybe There Are 8.)

I conceived of this post as a starting point for all of you who love chai, that spicy and fragrant milky tea drunk across most of India and much of east Africa. I wanted to show you the five essential spices that, once procured, will help you make a delic

Join a Session - GoToWebinar

You can use the desktop app on your Windows or Mac Computer, use a Chrome browser to join online, or even join on the go using your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

13 Everyday Remedies From Your Kitchen Cupboard

The grocery store chain Kroger has recalled some of its popular spices —Kroger Ground Cinnamon, Kroger Garlic Powder, Kroger Coarse Ground Black Pepper and Kroger Bac'n Buds — due to a possible salmonella contamination.

13 Everyday Remedies From Your Kitchen Cupboard: Green Tea as an Everyday Kitchen Remedy

Sipping green tea may do more than just whittle your waistline. A new Pennsylvania State University study published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research found that green tea might kill oral cancer cells — and boost healthy cells.