Internet safety for kids--many links and lessons

The Internet is a wonderful resource for kids for researching school reports, communicating with teachers, staying in touch with friends, and entertaining themselves. They can literally hit a few k…

Social Media Impact on Self-Esteem

How Social Media Can Directly Affect Your Teen's Self-Esteem

7 Social media opens the gateway for cyberbullying but it also keeps kids from developing independent self-esteem because they are always getting input from outside sources. I think this aspect of social media makes all other negatives more serious.

Digital healthcare + where are we now

Digital healthcare infographic highlights the time consuming and expensive task of converting paper records to EMRs that is not addressed by Meaningful Use.

How #SocialMedia is Affecting Our Mental Health - #Infographic

How #SocialMedia Is Affecting Our Mental Health - #Infographic

Why You May Be Looking at Your Sales Funnel the Wrong Way #Infographic #Marketing #Sales

Why You May Be Looking at Your Sales Funnel the Wrong Way #Infographic

Take a look at your sales funnel. Read on to learn common misconceptions about—and how to get more from—your funnel.

@robinlong #mindbodymat Today I am going to go cell free after work and just be with my family, especially my son! I am going to try to get him to do it as well... after a long day of work (for me) and school (for him) we both need time to unwind and destress!

Welcome to Day 13 of the We have 3 workouts left and I encourage you to finish strong. Complete your workouts, complete your Self-Care Challenges and give it all you've got. It's okay if you haven't been "perfect" over the past

With the skyrocketing of smartphone use, #mhealth apps and patient involvement in care, patients will be expecting a lot of providers in the next 3 years. | Mobile and smartphones in healthcare: a growing trend #Infographic via @Helena Loi Smith Care

L’usage des mobiles et smartphones : une tendance forte en e-santé


How Has Technology Changed the Way We Sleep?

Digital Health & Wellness: physical and psychological well-being in ...

Awesome Digital Citizenship Poster to Use in Your Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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