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The Americano and brewed coffee are two classic drinks, prepared two very different ways. The Americano combines espresso and hot water, with a layer of crema on top. There's only one way to prepare true espresso — with a specialized machine. But there are many ways to make brewed coffee, from the pour-over method to the coffee press.

From the light-bodied and mild flavors of a Starbucks® Blonde roast to the deep intensity of a Starbucks® Dark roast, we believe in roasting each bean to its peak flavor. Learn how to choose the right coffee roast for you.

A chronic lack of sleep, a crowded subway or long commute, a sedentary lifestyle with hours on hours of sitting in an uncomfortable office chair looking at a screen all take their toll on our bodies and lead us down the road of painful back, neck,

Flash Brewed Iced Coffee | Pour Over Coffee | Brew Guide | mycoffeeism.com

What is Flash Brewed? Brewing iced coffee Japanese-style is very similar to how you brew your hot coffee. Same machines, same grinds, same water temps, same technique.

men's valet, I used to have three but I have one like this and that's all you need.

suit-valet The valet stand is a relic of times past; as Dian Furniture explains, valet stands were popular during the Victorian period, when gentlemen were dressed by their valet.