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Not a matter of belief it is a fact he was not the son of the Judaic god & there is no historical evidence that Jesus the Nazarite was actually an actual ,flesh & blood' person !

Repost! Even though im christian and i believe that God will do u huge favors even if u dont repost this

I'm only posting this because I believe in God.not because of it saying he will do a huge favor. God gives me a huge favor each and every day and I'm blessed because if that.

i hate these, where it gets us to repin just because they say that something bad will happen if you don't tell God you love Him or something. I'm pretty sure He doesn't like it when we repin just because we're scared, and/or tell Him that we love Him just because we don't want anything bad to happen to us.

Not pinning for the chain mail, but for the overall message of the pin. I think God could careless how many people you send it to , just that you trust in him . Not sure if it counts to just pin it on your biggest board.


I'm not reposting because it told me to. This is to raise awareness of uncreative chain mail. If we work together we can stop the chain mail that doesn't have a cool back story together.