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Uhhh>> Looks like they photoshopped a Lamprey's mouth onto a human finger and added human molars

I love my dad

I love my dad so much! (Btw I'm not pinning this cuz I think that girl not pinning it had anything to do with her dad passing, I'm pinning it cuz I love my dad

Poor guy! Hope he gets better soon

I know this is fake but not taking any chances

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Not a matter of belief it is a fact he was not the son of the Judaic god & there is no historical evidence that Jesus the Nazarite was actually an actual ,flesh & blood' person !

Repost! Even though im christian and i believe that God will do u huge favors even if u dont repost this

Repost if you believe in God. I believe in God but I dont believe in chain posts<< Same here

What's up with this

I really hate shit like this. Because if I do repost it and nothing happens, I blame myself for being stupid and believing it. and then if I don't repost and nothing happens I blame myself for not reposting.