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an elegant wedding menu with olives and greenery
Script Calligraphy in 70-80% Black (whatever readible). Monogram for Bride&Groom Initials in gold wreath.
there are flowers in vases and framed pictures on the table with place card holders
Dusty Blue + Lavender Spring Garden Wedding
Photography: Carmen Santorelli Photography - Read More:
a sign hanging from the side of a tree
Nearly Newlywed Wedding Blog
Fairytale Favor Tags - such a cute idea for your wedding favors.- For more amazing finds and Inspiration visit us at Brides Book
shakespeare quote on white paper with black ink in it, which reads when i saw you fell in love, and you smiled because you knew to know - william shakespeare
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Would love to place great literary quotes on the tables. OMG, that gives me an idea. Each table could be a certain writer (Keats, Shakespeare, Austen, gahhhh!!!).
a black frame with a quote on it sitting on a counter top next to a marble surface
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I want to put my favorite love quotes from books, movies, tv shows, ect... On the tables at my reception.
there is a table number and some wine glasses on the table with it's place card
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Different literary quote for each table. A must! Inspiration for Your Fairytale Wedding