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three different pictures of an open box with paper cutouts on the inside and outside
Pinocchio Tunnel Book – Green Chair Press Blog
Paper + Book + Art | 紙 + 著作 + アート | книга + бумага + статья | Papier + Livre + Créations Artistiques | Carta + Libro + Arte | Pinocchio Tunnel Book More
a person is using a grinder to cut up some sort of black substance on a piece of paper
Lithography at Home With Common Kitchen Materials | Make:
Lithography: using simple things found in the kitchen - alfoil, soap, oil, coke and a kitchen spoon.
three pans sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bottle of liquid
homemade gelli printing plates set up overnight. gallon bottle of glycerin from Cookie sheets are from dollar tree. Photo and project from art teacher Dustin Anderson.
two paper cut outs depicting women with different hair styles, one in blue and the other in white
Amy Blackwell
before and after, copyright Amy Blackwell 2014
three different pictures with the words geli printing on them and some markers next to it
Printing Projects
DIY Texture Plates for Gelli® Printing on paper or fabric! Easy to follow video tutorial and lots of pictures!
a tie - dyed piece of cloth is sitting on a table with some string attached to it
Eco Dye
Eco-printing at Eugene Textile Center - some of the materials on this silk scarf are marigold petals, blackberries and blackberry leaves, cranesbill, twinberry
a paintbrush is sitting on top of a piece of art that has been altered to look like an acrylic leaf
Carolyn Counnas Fine Art
Carolyn Counnas Fine Artartist ...step-by-step with collograph and chine colle #process
an abstract painting with black, white and orange colors
More Big Fat Art and a few more Verticals
a black and white drawing of rooftops
Linocuts portfolio
Italian town linocut by Di Oliver. Tags: Linocut, Cut, Print, Linoleum, Lino, Carving, Block, Woodcut, Helen Elstone, Buildings, Town, Europe, Italy.
a person with white paint on their hands and some pictures in front of them,
DIY Plaster Printing Tutorial with inky etched patterns; surface design techniques
an art project with trees and leaves painted on paper
Gelli print giveaway on my Facebook page!
Art by Lucy Brydon : Gelli printing step by step tutorial!
an abstract painting with leaves and flowers on it's surface in multicolors
Mono print abstract. #gelliarts #artwork #abstract #instaart #printing #artoftheday #art
studio318 on flickr
several different types of greeting cards laid out on a white surface with the words happy birthday written across them
Foam-plates Archives - Creative Heartwork | Artist Leicester
Foam sheet printing plates
four handmade coasters with images of people and animals on them sitting on a table
Art - Ideas and Inspiration