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There are 3 quotes that speak of this friendship on fire. Oh, my risk, my gorgeous, dark certainty. ~ #3 ~

There are times when you know a risk is worth everything. He feels like one

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I never changed, I just learned. How cruel the world is. How harsh the life is. How scary the people are . How hard the fate is. I just learned how you killed me and broke that trust of mine.

⭐so true. our life experiences make it hard to relate to others⭐

She was never on the same page as the people around her Sometimes ahead Sometimes behind Always in a different chapter sometimes even in a completely different book. -MHA (This is so me)

Sad quote. Depend on others. Not need you anymore.

The worst thing that you can do to yourself is depend too much on a certain person because what are you going to do if one day they decide that they don't need you anymore.

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This is me towards my first love. When I think of him, my heart still skips a beat. When we chat, my heart still skips a beat. When I see you in the halls, my heart still skips a beat. I guess you never do stop loving your first love.

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I'd so undo The past several years! Redo so I have a life not knowing you! Wish I knew then the things I know now.. If I'd just listened to that still small voice telling me ugh!! Never assume someone is your friend just because they are nice 2 u!,, truth was they couldn't stand me but made sure to tell others the things I did or mistakes I made, things that I didn't realize had hurt them.. I want to undo and not know them the way I do,, I hate this. I hate myself for thinking I was a good…

THAT would be awesome! Or a rewind button or a button to make a certain someone disappear.

Really? Food for thought. But don't we all want them to come back? ):(@beautaplin) on Instagram

Really? Food for thought. But don't we all want them to come back? ):(@beautaplin) on Instagram