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a wooden sculpture of a person sitting on a chair
Paris Art Web - Sculpture - Isabel Miramontes
several rocks with lit candles in them
31 Different Ways And DIY Items To Hold Your Votive Candles
a wooden vase with grapes and vines on it's sides, in the shape of a cup
Wood Symphony Gallery | A Gallery of Fine Contemporary Wood Art
a woman holding a wooden stick with two raccoons on it
We Make Animal Hair Accessories From Wood
We Make Alive Accessories From Wood.
a wooden object sitting on top of a wooden table next to a stone wall in the background
PerryLancasterWood - Etsy
Wooden Peeping Tom cat sculpture, carved by Perry Lancaster from an incredible piece of Santos Rosewood.
a wooden elephant planter sitting on top of a white rug next to a couch
Urban Outfitters Horton Side Table
Horton Side Table Expertly crafted side table made from natural Peach wood and shaped like an elephant! Makes a beautifully functional + decorative piece in any space.
two men working on wooden furniture in a shop
Studio Vayehi
Wood veneers glowing in the dark - Interview with Studio Vayehi - DesignWanted
three pictures of an elephant's head and trunk
Art on Palm Fronds
Who Knew? Recently I started getting back into my art. I had shipped a small box of acrylic paints with brushes and 2 canvases to help me p...
two pea pods with green peas in them
Palm Tree Leaf Fruit Holder (Coconut Tree Bark Fruit Bowl from Indonesia)
Palm Tree Leaf Fruit Holder (Coconut Tree Bark Fruit Bowl from Indonesia)
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table in front of a white wall
Canoas de Coqueiro transformadas em Luminárias na Feira de Artes de Embu das Artes
Nome: Adriana e Mauricio Gomiero Produto: Luminárias de Canoa de Coqueiro Contato: (11) 7859-3835/ 7745-6397 Email: adrianacaniato@ya...
a close up of a palm tree with yellow flowers
My New Palm Pod Sculptures
The Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) seed casing is a single 24-30 inch leaf that protrudes up from the main stem until it splits ope...
a wooden spoon with succulents and flowers on it is hanging from the side of a wall
Keo88 - Keo 88 - Tylekeo88 - Đăng ký nhận khuyến mãi 158K
How-To: Windy Day Hang-Up – Rancho Reubidoux
a black and white photo of a banana shaped object
Naturals & Florals
Palm Leaf Tray Natural 32 in.. $45. For fruit in the kitchen, or for decorations in the living room