Someone once said, discovering Silver Mist Country Inn . . . . Is like discovering "Neverland". There slogan reads - "May your feet leave this place, but never your Heart"
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Sycamore tree :: Kaapsehoop {travel}

There is a little town in South Africa that has only about 200 residents, where you are greeted with a signpost that its children, dogs and.

Fine Art: Ruins in Kaapsehoop, South Africa on Behance

On recent visit to Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga, South Africa, I stumbled upon these ruins, and had a great time capturing these awesome images!

Kaapsehoop graveyard

Kaapsehoop graveyard

Kaapsehoop S.A.

Kaapsehoop S.A.

Koek n Pan      Kaapsehoop

Koek n Pan Kaapsehoop

Historical Mining Town | Kaapsehoop | Mpumalanga

Kaapsehoop or Kaapsche Hoop (established is a small, historical mining town on the Mpumalanga escarpment, free from malaria, with clear skies