Yolanda Koen

Yolanda Koen

I am a born-again daughter of the King. I believe that religion won't get me into heaven, relationship will. I am cleansed by the Blood and because of the blood
Yolanda Koen
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Here’s a cute little set of play dough mats for counting to 10! These can be used to represent different stages of a tree as well. You can put ‘flowers’ on the tree like we did. Or you could put apples, peaches, pears, cherries… Anything you can think of. To prepare the pages simply print …

Play dough number mats for numbers These adorable number mats are great for fine motor skills! Kids use ten-frames, counting and learn numerals and number words with these simple play dough mats.

Mealtime blessings and rhyming prayers for kids and families to say before meals.

Family mealtime prayers to say with kids and families before meals. Rhyming prayers for saying Blessing.

This is a short activity/song I would use for students to learn their peers' names in the class or to start off a morning meeting.

Name songs are great because they make each child feel acknowledged and unique. By clapping name songs the children are learning how many beats or syllables are in their name. I would recommend to anyone who is leading group time.

Used in conjunction with all about me papers.  One student could be spotlighted in the first 3 weeks of school.

First weeks of school activities- some great ideas. How many letters in my name? Coming up with a characteristic about themselves with the same sound as the first sound in their name. Lee's Kindergarten: All About Me!