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"Black Wolf with blue eyes, is there such an wolf, beautiful anyway."     ☆☆☆☆☆

Black Wolf with blue eyes, is there such an wolf, beautiful anyway. I had a blue eyed wolf. He was wonderful.

Sounds like a piece of Argetallam wisdom (Elisabeth Wheatley) Esta cita es muy inteligente en mi opinión, digo esto porque describe como un cachorro no es comparrado a un leon o tigre, pero aun haci no han mirado un lobo en un circus. Entonces en mi opinion esta cita describe como no uno debe que juzgar la gente.

the wolf. freedom is more important than strength and power. The tiger may be more powerful but the wolf has freedom. The tiger surrendered and became a puppet. The wolf will always fight.

20 Toys To Make From Trash

Toys to make from Trash. Milk jugs, toilet paper rolls and other trash become toys for kids. I'm want to try the snake bubble blower when summer comes.

Photo by Dave Lehl Andy Orley flies off his skateboard while skating down the famous Forest Gump road in Monument Valley, UT.

Wild birds are captured in amazing, award-winning photos

This African elephant had the misfortune of running into a dense flock of red-billed quelea in Kenya. It is the most abundant wild-bird species in the world, and waiting for a huge flock to pass can take a long time. Photograph by Antero Topp, HBW/Rex