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a black and white photo of a woman sitting in a chair
nonsense limerick
The Silent Voice — Gerald Moira (c.1898)
a painting of a woman holding a book up to her face while sitting in a chair
a woman with a veil on her head is holding her hand to her face and looking at the camera
Kate Daniel Murtagh
an angel statue holding a staff in front of a cloudy blue sky
The Angel with the Lance, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy // Why we love it: Bernini's dynamic figures capture the intensity of epic narratives in a single moment.
an image of a sculpture that is in the shape of a woman and two men
Madonna of the Stairs by Michelangelo
Michelangelo: Madonna of the Stairs
an image of a statue on the side of a building
Rome Archives - A Silhouetted Hand on the Wall of a Cave
Trevi Fountain Oceanus Statue - Rome Italy.
a fountain with statues on it in front of a building
Gian Lorenzo Bernini | Biography, Style, Sculptures, Architecture, Paintings, & Facts
Gian Lorenzo Bernini | Italian artist |
a statue of a man holding a rope in front of a wall with paintings on it
Viral Photo of Palestinian Protester Compared to Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People’
Bernini, David, 1623–24. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
a black and white photo of a naked woman with her hands on her chest, wearing a hat
over 18?
Le rapt de Proserpine Gian Lorenzo Bernini Marbel 1621
there is a statue in the middle of this room
flowartstation: Ratto di Proserpina by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
a close up of a statue with white cloth covering it's face and head
Lady under the veil - Beauty will save
Another Bernini sculpture - a marble veil - Astounding! Just click on space for variety of veiled woman
an abstract photograph of water and clouds in different shades of brown, white, and black
Sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini Did All This Using Marble In The 17th Century