African Chicken Peanut Stew, a hearty stew with chicken thighs and legs, peanut butter and peanuts, sweet potatoes, ginger, and tomatoes, a dinner favorite!

African Chicken Peanut Stew ~ A hearty West African-inspired stew of chicken thighs and legs, sweet potatoes and peanuts that is perfect for a chilly day.

Namaqualand in South Africa | Stunning Places #Places

Namaqua daisies surround a desolate tree- Namaqualand in South Africa.

South African Don (Dom) Pedro

South African condensed milk biscuits (Kondensmelk koekies)    Condensed milk biscuits are well-known in South-Africa. They are similar to New Zealand condensed milk biscuits, but contain egg.    The dough is soft and very pliable, which means you can shape your biscuits with a cookie press, or even a meat grinder with a cookie attachment, if you are so lucky to own one.

South African condensed milk biscuits (Kondensmelk koekies) Well-known in South-Africa. Similar to New Zealand condensed milk biscuits.

I ate these all the time in Botswana and South Africa! They are a little different, but really good!

Choc-kit cookies - a taste of home

This recipe for South African Choc-Kit cookies makes fantastically chocolatey sandwich cookies with a hint of coconut.

Mango Chutney, South Africa Food Safari

The South African food scene offers a fascinating variety of delicious dishes. Join us on an exciting South Africa food safari.

Hertzog Cookies....traditional cookie from South Africa named after one of their prime ministers.....apricot jam and coconut among other ingredients

Hertzog Cookies

Hertzog Cookies : A traditional South African recipe that is more like jam and coconut tartlets.

A Cookie for Every Country: South Africa...Koeksisters

Mouth watering Koeksister Recipe This recipe is from Bets Miedema who lived in Klipriver and was a master baker, helped out many charities for raising funds and specially baked for her grandchildren, who loved "Beppe's" (Ouma in Dutch) koeksisters.