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Skillet Steaks with Gorgonzola Herbed Butter - Nothing beats the sear of a steak cooked in a cast iron skillet! Topped with Gorgonzola Herbed Butter?

Skaap potjie

The perfect lamb shank potjie recipe with Checkers' Certified Natural Lamb which is free-range free of antibiotics and free of added hormones.

Potjiekos (Pot food) - South African food adventure, South Africa food

Potjiekos (pot food) is a yummy South African stew that is traditionally prepared outside.

Lamb potjie

Lamb potjie

A lamb potjie can be made with whole shanks, neck chops or any other pieces marked for stewing. Lamb potjie: www.

Potjiekos - South Africa [It means "small pot food." As a stew prepared outdoors, made in a 3-leg cast iron pot, the potjie descended from the Dutch oven of the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century and is now throughout the homes and villages of South Africa. The pot is heated using small amounts of wood or charcoal ]

Potjiekos - South Africa [It means "small pot food." As a stew prepared…

A Potjie pot is a big part of South African cooking. It is a big clay pot (similar to a dutch oven) used by many to create stew-like dishes containing meats and vegetables called Potjiekos ("small pot food"). Every South African with a Potjie has their own special way of cooking their Potjiekos; there are even festivals to award the best!

WINNING Potjie Recipe (and yes you may try this at home) Traditional Lamb and Potato Potjie, South Africa ~ Recipe

Tomato Bredie potjie.

Savory Saturday - Lamb or Beef Bredie. Bredies are simple, traditional South African mutton/beef stews in the Cape Malay tradition. The most popular are green bean bredie, tomato bredie and cabbage bredie.

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