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Kerry Meikle Billingham

Kerry Meikle Billingham
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Tattoo With Kids Names- I Like This Idea Where The Names Are Part Of The Design In The Wing.

tattoo with kids names- I like this idea where the names are part of the design in the wing. Ward Ward Frederick This would be SO cute for Ava & Eva tattoo

you were born an original don't die a copy

"you were born an original don't die a copy". (possible tattoo?) LOVE the quote either way!


HAHA I posted this my my BFF board because me and my friend say this ALL the time hahha

For my daughter, i love you babygirl your the best thing that ever happened to me ive learned to love a love a never knew til you were placed in my arms. I LOVE YOU!

love this

I so love this great LITTLE SUPERHERO pic! Quote 'Speak Now Photography': "This image so perfectly captures the imagination of a little boy who really believes he can grow up and be a superhero." Super cute little boy photo.


First child eats dirt parent calls doctor. Second child eats dirt parent cleans out mouth. Third child eats dirt parent wonders if she really needs to feed him lunch. So true good thing I stopped at

Or have a phone call.

The quickest way for a mother to get her children's attention is to sit down and look comfortable. (or go to the bathroom. or pick up the phone.